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Q: What age groups may participate
A: We offer recreation soccer for children aged 4-17. Since Fall 2017, the groupings have been based on Birth Year per the US Soccer mandate. Divisions available each season may change based on the number of registered players in a particular age group across Sussex County.

Q: Do boys and girls play on the same team? 
A: Yes, Each team will have both boys and girls, subject to the number of registrants for a season.

Q: What equipment will my child need to play soccer?
A: Your child will need to obtain shin guards, and cleats (both are required).
Suggested items are soccer shorts and socks, though any shorts/pants that are appropriate for school gym class will work.
Soccer socks are usually longer for the purpose of keeping shin guards in place, and are recommended.

Q: Can my child be on the same team as a friend?
A: Possibly. Friends that want to play together must list each others name during the registration process, and be submitted during regular registration.
Consistent with our mission statement, our goal is to have fun, teach the participants the game of soccer and to establish teams that are roughly equal in skill level.
Fulfilling requests is secondary to establishing balanced leagues
Although requests are taken into consideration, the program has no obligation to fulfill any particular request, and makes no promise in that regard. 
Of course, a parent who coaches will have their own child on the team, and siblings who qualify to play in the same age group will be placed together (unless specifically requested otherwise).

Q: Can I request a coach?
A: Yes, but requests are not guaranteed. You must list the coach in the special requests field on the registration form.

Q: What if my child is not placed on the team requested?
A: League coordinators and coaches organize teams using the information provided through the registration system. They take into consideration team size, and age group guidelines.
Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests made on registration forms, but 
requests cannot be guaranteed.

Q: We just missed the registration end date, can we still sign up?
A: Yes, prior to any games being played provided we have room to place your child on a team.  Please contact the Registrar directly.
Coach and friend requests will not be honored for late registrations
There is a $25 late fee assessed for registrations submitted after the close of regular registration. 
Q: What if my child changes his/her mind about playing, if we move prior to the season starting, or if we otherwise withdraw after registering?
A: High Point United Soccer Club is a non-profit organization, however it is also a business. Running the recreation league involves budgeting and planning commitments for uniform shirts, insurance, and
field equipment prior to the season. The Club has no obligation to grant refunds, though there are circumstances under which one may be issued. 
ALL REFUND REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING TO THE REGISTRAR (email is considered an acceptable format).  
No refunds will be made after the recreation games have started.


Q: What is the fee for recreation soccer?
A: The recreation soccer fee is based on the age division for which your child is registered.
(See our registration page for current season pricing.)  The fee includes a Fall or Spring season of play, a uniform shirt, and access to skills training in addition to team practices and games.
Q: Are there any discounts?
A: Yes, There is a $10 per family discount for registering multiple players.
The discount is automatically applied when you enter the second child’s  information.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Currently, we accept payment by credit or debit card directly through SportsPlus when you complete the online registration form.
We will accept offline payment by check made 
payable to HPUSC and mailed to P.O. Box 844, Sussex, NJ 07461.

** Failure to remit payment by the deadline will result in your child’s registration being placed on hold and subject to being unregistered for the season.


Q: When will I be contacted by my coach?

A: You will be contacted by your coach in late August for Fall soccer, or early April for Spring soccer.

Q: When do practices begin? When are games scheduled?

A: Usually, practices begin in mid-late September for Fall soccer and mid-April for Spring soccer
depending on when Sussex County Youth Soccer establishes the schedules, and weather.
Fall season games are scheduled on Saturdays in September and October.
Spring season games are scheduled on Saturdays in late April, May, and June.

Q: When and where are practices held?

A: Coaches are assigned days and times for practices and will notify
players of the team’s schedule based on their availability.
If your child cannot attend during their team’s scheduled practices,
they are encouraged to practice with another team in their age division,
and return to the team assigned for game play on Saturdays. Practices
are held at Woodbourne Park on Sherman Ridge Road in Wantage.